Friday, March 6, 2009

Story a Day

The Seven Mages Blog is up and running as of today. Jason and I are very exited about the launch of the "Story a Day" Section. We'll be telling a new Illustrated story for every day of the year. There will be various art styles used along with some animation and special effects. We have the first story posted to launch on the 29th. After that, were going non stop!! Click the picture to be taken to the "Dynasty of the 7 Mages" website page and let us know what you think.


pointblank said...

So far so good

Dawn Renee said...

I like this website.. story line is good and your actress Christina is amazing as far as her talent in dance.

Stephen Knox said...

Thanks Dawn..I'm going to post some more actors in a few days and I hope you like tomorrows story too.