Thursday, July 2, 2009

For MJ

What it is people!?!??!

Wow! What a week? So last week, about five minutes after we launched our first story, we found out that the world had lost Michael Jackson. I can say for both Steve and myself, he will be sorely missed. He has had a huge impact on our lives, as well as everyone else around us.

So one day, while talking on the phone, we discovered that we both had an idea to celebrate his life. Steve was planning on drawing a portrait of Michael, while I was thinking of incorporating him into a tale to celebrate the life and imagination of someone who did nothing but good for the world. The story is complete, and will be released within the next week. The story is dedicated to Michael Jackson, his family, and his fans. So please, stay tuned.


mrhappiness said...

yeas i loved MJ

pointblizzy said...

Cool man..well I think you'll like the tribute